Thank you for participating in the USPS Household Diary Study!

With the information you and 5,000 other households across the country provide annually, the U.S. Postal Service can make wise decisions about postage rates and staffing needs to ensure an efficient national mail system.

This study is purely a research effort and any information you provide will be held strictly confidential. For more information about the study, visit the Survey Website:USPS Diary Study . You can also call the Survey Hotline at 1-888-441-8777 11a - 5 pm Central Time.

mailbox Please be sure to place all your mail pieces for each day in the corresponding daily envelope. At the end of the week, mail them back to us in the postage-paid Priority mail shipping envelope provided to you.

You can begin the survey by entering your individual PIN number in the field below. You can find your PIN number in the survey packet that you received from the United States Postal Service. Thanks in advance for your time and participation!

questionperson If you need your PIN number or you have problems with your PIN number, please email or call the survey hotline at 1-888-441-8777 11a - 5 pm Central Time.